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My name is Bryan Matthew and I am a HR Consultant, a Harassment Investigating Officer (HIO) and a freelance writer.

  • Are you an employer looking to address sick absence levels in your organisation, concerned about attendance management and how you can take steps to improve it and also enhance the well being of your employees, making your business more effective?
  • Perhaps you are an Editor wanting to commission interesting news or feature articles or fillers for your publication or web presence?

Then I can help you by providing a high quality product and service, to your timescales, to your needs and to your budget. To discuss a potential project please get in touch ... I look forward to hearing from you.

Latest blog posts

  • Onward Christian Soldiers? (Religion & Faith) 11-03-2022

    Amongst the incredibly distressing scenes we have witnessed on the news of late about the war in Ukraine, I was particularly and strangely moved by the women in the city of Dnipro who were spending their time making home-made ‘Molotov Cocktails’...

  • Saying a Prayer (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 31-01-2022

    In September 1944, an 18 year old Polish highland woman was captured by the Nazis and with other people was held in a Gestapo cell, awaiting her fate before being sent to the death camps. With what is believed to be a broken tooth, she scrawled on...

  • 'After Life' (Religion & Faith) 31-01-2022

    One of the many delights of the current No 1 show on Netflix-Ricky Gervais’ After Life (which I should warn is not for faint hearts), is its tale of how to deal with bad things, how to have hope and live a good life-or how to be a good person. If...