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My name is Bryan Matthew and I am a HR Consultant, a Harassment Investigating Officer (HIO) and a freelance writer.

  • Are you an employer looking to address sick absence levels in your organisation, concerned about attendance management and how you can take steps to improve it and also enhance the well being of your employees, making your business more effective?
  • Perhaps you are an Editor wanting to commission interesting news or feature articles or fillers for your publication or web presence?

Then I can help you by providing a high quality product and service, to your timescales, to your needs and to your budget. To discuss a potential project please get in touch ... I look forward to hearing from you.

HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

I have over 25 years experience in the world of Human Resources (HR), as both an HR adviser (in which I have helped to resolve a variety of people issues for both employer and employee) and as a HR business partner addressing the more strategic HR issues.

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Freelance Writing


I have been writing articles for the last 20 years for a variety of publications both print and digital on a eclectic scope of subjects. This has ranged from pieces on football, personal and business finance, investments, films, theatre, spirituality, well being and all matters HR and am currently a regular contributor to ‘HR Review’.

Latest blog posts

  • Being Self Reliant (Human Resources) 11-01-2021

    I think it is a truism of us British that we are not at our best when things are going really well but put us in a situation where our collective backs are against the wall – and you tend to see the best of us. Call it the ‘Dunkirk or Blitz Spirit’ but when...

  • Keeping Christmas (Religion & Faith) 18-12-2020

    I was rather tickled by the large sign in the main Harvey Nichols’ store in London recently which simply said “Bah, Humbug!” (although it did also say “Roll on 2021!”). Why? Well because they perhaps didn’t realise it at the time, but what the...

  • 'The Crown' Series 4, Episode 2- 'The Balmoral Test' (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 10-12-2020

    The second episode of The Crown starts with Prince Charles’ gentle ‘wooing’ of the then Lady Diana at a performance of one of Verdi’s works- with chaperone between them and apart from showing his superior cultural knowledge over her, things looked...