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I have been writing articles for the last 20 years for a variety of publications both print and digital on a eclectic scope of subjects. This has ranged from pieces on football, personal and business finance, investments, films, theatre, spirituality, well being and all matters HR and am currently a regular contributor to ‘HR Review’.

Latest blog posts

  • Onward Christian Soldiers? (Religion & Faith) 11-03-2022

    Amongst the incredibly distressing scenes we have witnessed on the news of late about the war in Ukraine, I was particularly and strangely moved by the women in the city of Dnipro who were spending their time making home-made ‘Molotov Cocktails’...

  • Saying a Prayer (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 31-01-2022

    In September 1944, an 18 year old Polish highland woman was captured by the Nazis and with other people was held in a Gestapo cell, awaiting her fate before being sent to the death camps. With what is believed to be a broken tooth, she scrawled on...

  • 'After Life' (Religion & Faith) 31-01-2022

    One of the many delights of the current No 1 show on Netflix-Ricky Gervais’ After Life (which I should warn is not for faint hearts), is its tale of how to deal with bad things, how to have hope and live a good life-or how to be a good person. If...