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I have been writing articles for the last 20 years for a variety of publications both print and digital on a eclectic scope of subjects. This has ranged from pieces on football, personal and business finance, investments, films, theatre, spirituality, well being and all matters HR and am currently a regular contributor to ‘HR Review’.

Latest blog posts

  • 'The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp' (1954) (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 23-02-2021

    Recently shown on Talking Pictures TV(but always likely to be shown again) is the charming and very sweet ‘The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp’ (1954)- ostensibly, it is about an angel (Diane Cilento) who is sent down to the very appropriate Angel...

  • Eyewitness (1970) (Film, Theatre, TV & Music) 15-02-2021

    The latest underrated gem from Talking Pictures TV is the hardly ever talked about Eyewitness(1970) with a starry British cast of Mark Lester (Oliver!), the ever lovely Susan George (Straw Dogs et al), Jeremy Kemp (Z-Cars etc) and the very...

  • Keeping the Faith (Religion & Faith) 12-02-2021

    Someone I know regularly says to me “when will it all end?”, and of course he is talking about the lockdown, and I tend to offer my take on the fact that 11 months or so on and ‘we are getting there’- infections, hospitalisations and deaths are...