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Case Study - Well Being Programme, MoD

An example of how my services could help your business was the work I did to improve sick absence in the public sector at the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). In a part of the MOD, sick absence levels amongst staff had risen to an average of 17 days per employee. This meant that at any given time 13% of staff were off sick and around £250,000 was being paid in sick benefit/pay.

As an HR Business Partner, I devised and introduced a Well Being programme to encourage individuals and managers to recognise that by changing their behaviours they could improve their health and work attendance. I did this through a series of initiatives which included the publication of a Well Being Handbook.

Well Being Day

Other initiatives included setting up a ‘Well Being Day’ where a number of well being related providers attended to promote healthy living such as to stop smoking, to lose weight, to take up complimentary arts such as meditation or tai chi etc. ( a photo of the event is on the right).

As a result of these initiatives being implemented, sick absence reduced by 35% with absence reducing from 17 days to 11 days per person per year and the project was believed to have saved around £100,000 in opportunity costs.

This project was championed as an example of how HR intervention can enhance organisations as demonstrated by the testimonial I received.


“Your work within D CTLB on promoting staff well-being was impressive, setting an extremely high standard and led directly to similar approaches being adopted across the Department”

Official MOD valedictory letter. Original available on request.