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... you are all welcome here! Here, I write about things that interest me and I hope you find them piquing your interest too.

So, what do I like writing and talking about? I often focus on what is going on in the ever so sexy world of Human Resources (or Personnel as it quaintly used to be known as) - developments in areas such as:

  • how organisations can improve the attendance and well-being of their people interest me, also
  • ideas on how to deal with the management of work-related stress,
  • why should we care about diversity or learning and development? and
  • how to motivate and get the best out of people?

It’s a pretty broad canvas!

Outside of HR, I write on other areas that interest me so that covers the range from features on Film, Theatre and Music from local amateur theatre to the release of brand new films or TV series.

As a Christian and someone who is very spiritual, I am keen writing about Faith and Religion.

I have been a private Do It Yourself Investor for several decades so I also enjoy posting about the world of Personal Finance & Investment.

Apart from being a Charlton Athletic season ticket holder, I love football, athletics, cricket and Olympic events so you can catch my views on Sport.

Anything else I write up you can find in Miscellaneous

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    Coming out of Easter, I think it is an apt time to reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ ultimate Victory on the cross and how people responded to the Sacrifice he made for all. It’s always struck me that the crucifixion scene is a tale of great doubt...

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    I have often thought how remarkable it is that certain works catch on and take on a life of their own, and in time, they can have a deep influence on people and life. I think a very good example of that is the piece of prose simply known as...

  • Supporting each other (Religion & Faith) 21-03-2021

    I am currently reading ‘A Chelsea Concerto’ which is one of the most evocative memoirs of the London ‘Blitz’ during WWII written by Frances Faviell, who was an exceptionally brave Red Cross volunteer at the time. In it she writes about how...