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Introducing the HR Business Partners

Defence People Magazine (extract)

So, what kind of HR support does an HR Business Partner provide then? The emphasis is very much on providing the advice that will enable businesses to deliver through their people. In particular this involves:

  • Organisational Change-developing strategies to manage the people element of change programmes.
  • Workforce and Skills Planning – this is looking at the future size and shape of the workforce and interventions required to ensure that it meets the needs of the particular area of the business. The business partner will help the business develop the particular skills and manpower mix that it requires taking into account a number of aspects such as staff turnover, future business plans and wider skills issues.
  • Absence Management – levels of sick absence can have a major impact on not just the productivity of businesses but the well being of individuals. HR Business Partners can offer strategic advice on how sick absence in a particular area might be best managed and how well being can be promoted amongst the workforce.
  • Employee Relations –in a number of areas reorganisations may be planned which may mean moves and or reductions of staff. HR Business Partners can play an important role in advising businesses how to engage successfully with the Trade Unions.
  • Employee Engagement – having a motivated and engaged workforce is critical to the success of businesses and the views of staff  can articulate strengths and weaknesses that the business partner can provide advice on to improve levels of engagement.

Author: Bryan Matthew

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