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Hot T-Shirts! The Career of Chuck Vincent

Shock Xpress Magazine (extract)

Of the recently lamented R-rated and exploitation film makers, topping them would be Chuck Vincent, a veteran writer and director, maker of juvenile teen comedies and who was also president of his own production company.

Although born as plain Charles V Dingley, ‘Vincent’ worked under a series of different pseudonyms– Marc Ubell, Martha (!) Ubell, Koran & Felix Miguel Arroyo before settling on Chuck Vincent itself – he started out in the industry in 1973 with a little movie Blue Summer, which was described by one reviewer as a “tacky little tease movie”, starring such luminaries as ‘Lilly Bo Peep’ and ‘Bo White’ (even back then, Vincent had his tongue very firmly in his cheek). He then diversified and made Mrs Barrington (1974) with Kim Pope and Jennifer Welles, Farewell Scarlet (1975), American Tickler and Visions (both 1977).

Around this time, Vincent set himself up as president of his own production company – Platinum Pictures. Under this banner, he would make a series of low budget but soon to become cult teenage comedies with titles such as Hot T-Shirts (1980), Preppies (1984) and Wimps (1986). Vincent could also change style when called for as could be seen in his tribute to Hitchcock’s Rear Window – Voyeur(also 1986).

Author: Bryan Matthew

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