How can I help you?

If you are an employer looking to address sick absence levels in your organisation, concerned about attendance management and what you can do to improve it, then I can help.

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Human Resources Consultancy LRG

What is HR Consultancy and why do you need it?

Any company or organisation that employs people, which is after all your most important asset and resource, will from time to time encounter ‘people issues’ which can range from someone’s poor attendance, under performance, conduct problems, lack of motivation or employment relation (trades union) matters.

You and your managers can find yourselves spending as much time managing your team than you may do running the business which can be a strain on time, people and financial resources as well as hitting the all important ‘bottom line’.

This is where an HR Consultant can be of use, and I can help you to address these matters either strategically (e.g. by helping you introduce a better way of managing employees) or individually (e.g. proactively addressing individual cases). The benefits this can bring include:

  • Reduce sick absenteeism thereby reducing your costs and making more of the workforce productive
  • Improving levels of employee engagement – ‘switched on’ staff are productive ones and they are more inclined to go the extra mile for you and stay (or join) with you
  • Reduce the administrative burden on staff and managers so they can spend their time helping the business make money or provide a service to your clients and customers