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And it’s an hello from me…

HelloThanks for visiting my website and for reading this, my first blog- you are all welcome here!

As this is my first blog I thought I would give an outline as to the kind of things I will be writing about so you can get a flavour of what is to come. I aim to post, comment, write about the kind of things that interest me and I hope you. Whether you are a small employer trying to work through the maze that is employment law, an HR professional in a central government department or local authority wanting to see what is current in our industry, an employee trying to resolve an issue,  an editor of a magazine or website looking for new or provocative ideas (and maybe a new writer!) or just someone browsing on the web, I hope to have something here to interest you.

So, what do I like writing and talking about? I expect I will be focusing on what is going on in the every so sexy world of HR (or Personnel as it quaintly used to be known as)- developments in areas such as how organisations can improve the attendance and well being of their people interest me, also ideas as how to deal with management of work related stress, and what is new in change management?, just how do you deal with downsizing?, why should we care about diversity or learning and development?, and how to motivate and get the best out of people?- it’s a pretty broad canvas!

Outside of HR, I will be writing on other areas that interest me so that covers the range from the latest films (what is out there that is enjoyable, what particular themes are being explored, will 3-D survive or is it another fad?), personal finance (how do you deal with a life changing event such as redundancy, what do you do with a lump sum, where can you invest to get a decent return?, how do you deal with debts), spirituality (who will be the next Archbishop of Canterbury, what challenges are the main religions going through at present, can atheists learn from religion?), football (so who will win the Premier League title this season, who will need parachute payments next year and why can’t football clubs turn a profit?).

These are all things that interest me and I hope that they will be of interest to you too. I’m here to help, advise and write for you, so let’s get cracking!